CK & Hlava are an international duo comprising of LA music producer, CK Jones, and UK recording artist, Bekki Hlava.

This British-American duo crossed paths whilst working on their solo projects in Los Angeles.

After seeing each other’s talent in the studio, they kept in touch over seas and developed a solid belief in one another.


CK & Hlava soon began collaborating and learned that Bekki’s soothing R&B vocals with CK’s hip-hop influenced beats were a match in the making.

Their debut single, Light the Way, began when CK sent Bekki some instrumentals, one of which inspired her to write some melodies whilst at home in Stoke on Trent. They were reunited shortly afterwards and finished the song in CK's LA Apartment.

This was then followed by their second single, Raw Love,  engineered by Grammy Award Winning engineer 'Mauricio Iragorri.

Since then they have collorated with French Producers Lawless and Blackbell and US based producer Theo Hux to release remixes and bring a new flavour to their current sound. 

Currently taking time to work on their solo projects, now best friends, CK Jones and Bekki Hlava still compliment eachothers journeys to success and do plan to create and release more music in the future.