Just so you know..

My second name is pronounced LAVA. not hava, ha-lava, halva or havla!


If you say my name fast enough it sounds like that Turkish Pudding BAKLAVA. :)


I grew up in a small village in Stoke on trent, so when i moved to London for university i decided to make the most of this great city!


2 and a half years later, here i am, with a drama degree ( I don't know why I studied Drama when I wanted to be a singer) and getting ready to release my first EP WildFlower.


I have been writing music since i was a child, the only difference is that back then my songs that used the words 'baby baby' at the end of every sentence have transformed into songs about my life and my own personal experiences.


Wildflower is about my journey of growth through loss, love and finding my true self. We dont always make the right decions in life but it feels so special to be able to use these negatives as positives by using them as inspiration for my songs.